Confessions of an Asian rapper

The microphone and I go way back 

Before I became addicted to stand-up comedy, I had a little rap habit. 

I had tall hair, baggy pants, and solid rhymes. In 1992, I released "The Banzai Beat," the rap album I made as RAKAMOTO. However, the world was just not ready for an Asian rapper a strong work ethic and no real animosity for "the man."

Although the local concerts and CD didn't lead to fame or fortune, it was wonderful experience that introduced me to many great people. My press coverage even included a mention in the Los Angeles Times

Check out some tracks and media appearances!

Git Up Git Down

I'm Still Here

Asian issues on 92.3 The Beat

Asian Understanding - John Kobara KPCC 

Five Minutes of Fame - John London and the House Party - 92.3 The Beat

During this time, I hosted a radio show on 107.1 FM  called “Out Front L.A.” which showcased songs by Asian American artists. The music business is very tough to break into and I wanted to get these artists some badly needed exposure—and have some fun.