Making funny business my career

My comedy training started at Schurr High School in Montebello, California, although I didn't know it at the time.

At 4' 8" and 79 pounds, I was the scrawniest kid at a racially diverse campus. It was either get my butt kicked daily or learn how to talk a little smack.  Since I didn't have the time to learn a little Kung Fu, I learned to talk smack from the Latino buddies!  I know you brotha's may think you're the best at talking smack, but we only had three black families at our school, and they weren't giving up any of their secrets to me.

I was raised to be a hard-working, polite "good Japanese boy," so I fit right in with the studious, service-club crowd. Even though I was like a Yao Ming mini me, I played sports and hung out with the athletes.  I was like a boy playing against men. 

In my senior year, my three sets of friends (and their friends) elected me student body president. I can thank the "cholo vote" for putting me over the top. Muchas gracias carnales!  For those who criticize my cholo swing vote, I say Y que?

I earned a business degree at University of Southern California and started working in the telecommunications field. I even wrote an article that appeared in a special edition of the Los Angeles Business Journal, and served as a guest speaker at business events.

I can't get into all of the psychology of why I always felt the need to have a microphone in my hand, but in the early 90's, I had to make a choice between getting on stage as a comedian, or trying to become a rock star.   After some careful consideration, I finally got up on stage…as a rapper. (That's a story of its own.)

I left telecommunications because I was sick of crooks like Worldcom's Bernie Ebbers ripping off the public.  The home mortgage business was honest work, so I switched gears. Is it just me, or are the crooks following me from industry to industry? 

In 2007, I completed a stand-up comedy class. Finally! This is where it all came together: my Asian-Cholo-American childhood, my rap skills, and my observations about the lunacy of the business world.

Since my "graduation," I've performed at The Ice House, the Comedy Store, the Ontario Improv, the Haha CafĂ©, the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, and the Commerce Casino. 

I produce benefit shows for the American Cancer Society and private shows for business and trade organizations. Since 2008, I've been the co-producer of The Joke Gym, a twice-monthly open mic comedy show.

Check my show page for upcoming performances. Feel free to email me to discuss producing a special show.